Penny Stock Dream Team

Penny Stock Dream Team

Can 9 simple trades turn $5 into $1 Million?

If you’ve been trading penny stocks then you already know how hard it is to find consistent winners on a daily basis. If you’re new to penny stocks or looking to get into trading penny stocks, then you could be in for a rude awakening.

The fact is you can lose your shirt investing in the stock market, even more so with penny stocks. However, there are many traders out there that make a living trading the stock market. Its a another fact that many people have made fortunes trading penny stocks in particular. We aren’t talking one time lucky hits, but consistent big gains. How do they do this?

Why do most people lose in the penny stock market? It’s simple, because they don’t understand how the penny stock market works. Once you understand how it works your chances of profiting are much greater.

In the penny stock world, there are winners and losers and while this is true with all investing, the penny stock markets have a large parody between the winners and losers. See the penny stock market runs on hype. Some people get sucked into holding a stock much longer than they should. They also fall for the hype that this company could be the next Microsoft, or the Next Google. When in fact, only a handful of companies actually make it past the start up stage from the penny stock markets. So what happens? The ones who get caught up in the hype become bagholders, meaning they hold forever in hopes that this company goes big someday. The ones that understand how the penny stock market works, move on either pocketing nice gains or minimizing their loss.

Check the message boards on any given penny stock, you’ll find many bagholders there hoping to glean any information on the investment they thought was going to pay off huge. When in fact, the money has moved on and so has the hype. They can choose to sell at a huge loss or pray that something big happens to the company as the stock price continues to drop closer to 0.

Understanding and remembering this fact puts you ahead of most of the penny stock traders out there. But is that enough? NO. Many of expert traders have their own systems set up. Over the years of trial and error they have come up with techniques and methods for identifying stocks that will make them profits. Whether it be tracking trading volume, technical chart patterns, news, hype, analysis or all of the above, they have all come up with a method that puts them ahead of the markets. They don’t make money from the stock market because they are lucky. They have spent countless hours setting up their systems and spend many hours a day analyzing this data to increase their chances of making money on their next trade.

While you can do the same, it takes a great deal of time to learn what you need to know consistently pick winners. And there are still no guarantees. However, do not let this discourage you. You can profit the same way as these expert traders by taking advantage of their hard work without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

How you ask? Its quite simple. Not too long ago two expert traders came together to combine their talents. Fact is, these guys were actually rivals. Competing with each other over the years to see who could pick the most winners. Inevitably, and probably the only time luck will be a constant factor in your future stock market profits, these two combined their strategies to create a powerhouse system that you too can take advantage of.

They call it the Penny Stock Dream Team. Because that’s what it is, a dream team of stock pickers working for themselves and you at the same time? How does it work? Because these guys are looking to make money from the stock market, just like you, they share their knowledge with you. Allowing you to go about your daily routines but at the same time having that all important stock research done for you.

Here are some reviews directly from their website:

Jeff says: ““Thanks for the awesome LOCM pick! I made $1,000 off of $5,000.”

Polly writes: “I just sold my GRO at $1.04! That means I made $400 profit! I can’t believe it – this is my first trade with you and I am VERY happy! Thank you so much, my family and those people whom I serve (local community homeless men and women), can really use this money thanks to you!”

Michael and Frank have joined forces to bring you what to many may seem like a stock market “magic trick”. In reality, its solid, technical fundamentals applied with logic to investing to bring you the stock market firepower that could potentially take your investing to a level you have only dreamed of.

You get this knowledge right in your email box. Letting the experts do the work for you.

Of course, you’ve seen many pitches for stock trading systems or lists, but these guys give 2 months to see if this works for you. That’s right, what other offers have you found that actually give you a trial period to test drive and see what they are saying is real and true? If you are not making money from their system in that 2 month period, simply get your money back from them.

So check’em out and see if this works for you, remember, if it doesn’t simply ask for a refund. However, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.